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Antique Crosley Jewelbox Eight Tube Radio. This great vintage radio is ready to be restored. Includes all eight globe tubes with engraved bases from Crosley and Majestic.
Vintage Hallicrafters Model S-38D Multi-Band 5-Tube Radio. Overall condition is pretty good for it's age. At some point the outside was repainted, but it looks like a fairly professional job.
Vintage Zenith "Portable" Radio Model H503-Y. Nice old 5-tube radio has a great look. Comes with an Operating Guide for an H503 which is pretty much the same model.
New Old Stock Triad M-4Z Modulation and Output Autoformer. 5K ohm - 50 ma to 6750 ohm - 40 ma and 4 ohm @ 10 W. This unit has never been used and comes in the original box.
New Old Stock RCA WM-541A Dual-Tracer. Converts your single trace scope to DUAL TRACE. Hi-Impedance Input with compensated 6-step (10-5-2) attenuators. Continuously variable “alternate” or “chopped” switching rate.

Vintage Electronics

In vintage electronics, the vacuum tube or outside North America, thermionic valve or just valve, is a device used to amplify, switch or modify electrons by controlling the movement of the signal in an evacuated space. Vacuum tubes were critical devices in vintage electronic equipment technology.

Antique Radios

Antique radios are receiving sets that are not only collectable because of their age but also because of their uniqueness. Cutoff dates differ amoung collectors but most would use 50 years old, or the pre-world war II era for vacuum tube receivers and the first five years of transistor receivers.

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